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High-End Client System
Generate multi-thousands per client with ease

($5,000 retail)

Exactly how to create high-end coaching, consulting, and service packages that sell for multi-thousands, plus a proven system for generating clients every month with ease.

100’s of students have taken this training and generated six-figures or multi six-figures in new income within their first year.

Online Course Creation Academy

Launch your own online courses that leverage your knowledge and create a new scalable revenue stream
($3,000 retail)

Step-by-step training on how to create your own online courses and classes that leverage your knowledge, allow you to teach 100’s or 1,000’s of people all at once, and create a new revenue stream that can easily scale to millions per year.

100’s of students have taken this training, developed and launched their own online courses, and generated millions of dollars in revenue while impacting tens of thousands of new people.

The Affiliate Tribe
Expand your reach and build your email list by inspiring others to promote you
($2,000 retail)

Getting other people, influencers, and companies to promote you is the fastest and most effective way to grow your email list, become known as an authority, and enjoy a huge boost in sales.  

This proven training shows you exactly how to approach, enroll, and inspire affiliate partners to promote you heavily, no matter how much experience or profile you have today.

Proven Six-Figure Path
Discover exactly who you’re meant to serve and design products they crave
($897 retail)

Our all-time best selling training that shows you exactly how to find your tribe -- the people you were meant to serve who will pay you well and love your forever.

1000’s have taken this training, defined exactly who they’re truly serving with their message and products, and launched ultra-successful businesses that are known around the world.

Double Your Income
Create high-end programs and online courses that help you scale way up.
Reach More People
Use affiliate partners and online marketing strategies to become known around the world.
Find Your Tribe
Communicate what you do in a way that attracts your perfect customers and clients.
"Max Simon is the perfect example of a leader for the next generation."

- Deepak Chopra
"I made for money than I ever have in my life using Max’s training."

- Christian & Sonika
"I had my biggest month ever, doubled my prices, and finally learned how to communicate with my tribe."
- Lisa Suarez
Get $10,897 Of Proven Business-Building Training For Just $197
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